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Redwine Residence, Ben Wheeler, Texas

Redwine Residence, Ben Wheeler, TexasTucked away on the shore of Lake Vista, a not-solittle Texas oasis is awash with architecture detail. The eclectic boathouse and cabana with views of the natural and crafted landscaping is constructed using both reclaimed and recycled steel. Customrolled steel coverings provide rounded edges throughout, giving the boathouse the ambiance of a ship. The cabana serves as an inviting backdrop to the 1-acre pool and respite from the midday heat. An entry gate was formed using the large steel plates used to cover ditches during road repairs, and 1/2-inch-thick drill pipe used in oil fields now make a high fence that encloses the 76-acre property. Fiber optic lights light up the pool at night, while LEDs illuminate the waterfalls that cascade into the pool. Exposed to the elements on all sides in this open air setting are three Isis fans from the Big Ass Fan Co., one in the cabana and two in the boathouse.

In the unfavorably hot Texas climate, the breeze created by the fans complements the allure of outdoor living. Intertwining outdoor dining
and seating areas, the property owner, Mickey Redwine, installed the anodized aluminum fans that are wet-rated for outdoor use, to replace a dozen small diameter missing fans that were prone to rusting.

"There is a huge difference when you have one fan which is quieter and puts out probably 10 times the air volume of the others combined," says Redwine. "You can't even hear them run."

Big Ass Fan

Fans: Big Ass Fan Co., Lexington, Ky.,