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Alucobond Axcent Flat Stock Line Expanded to Meet Design Needs, Fabrication Deadlines

3A Composites USA is pleased to announce the addition of 34 new finishes to its stock and made-to-order ALUCOBOND AXCENT programs, increasing its total AXCENT offering to 69 finishes. ALUCOBOND AXCENT also is available in custom colors.

ALUCOBOND AXCENT is a line of painted 0.040-inch-thick aluminum flat stock designed for building trim and is ideal for matching projects clad in a wide range of like ALUCOBOND PLUS aluminum composite material (ACM) finishes.

ALUCOBOND AXCENT is the perfect trim for building fascia, flashing and roof caps. As a single skin metal sheet, AXCENT not only is perfect for roofline trim but for high-traffic window and door areas as well. AXCENT expands design possibilities by providing the perfect finishing touch to projects clad in complementary select ALUCOBOND PLUS ACM finishes.

“We care about our customer needs,” said Debbie Sulewski, director, marketing and product development, Architecture Americas, 3A Composites USA. “Our offering of ALUCOBOND AXCENT flat stock in matching colors to ALUCOBOND PLUS supports the overall vision and design aesthetics of projects by providing a more cohesive color palette.”

The AXCENT line expansion is the result of 3A Composites’ improved manufacturing capabilities, according to Sulewski.

“We’re now able to reduce minimum order buys making it even easier for our fabrication partners to order flat stock matching ALUCOBOND PLUS,” said Sulewski. “Ordering these materials from one supplier simplifies the process. Our expanded stock program also reduces material lead times, allowing fabricators and installers to quickly complete projects. AXCENT is the ideal choice when trying to match like ALUCOBOND PLUS colors on any project.”

THE AXCENT STOCK PROGRAM. ALUCOBOND AXCENT now is available in a total of 44 stocked colors designed to match stocked ALUCOBOND PLUS ACM finishes in both The Classic Collection and The Natural Collection Elements Series.

The Classic Collection. New AXCENT stocked colors include New-Age Dark Bronze Mica, Epernay Champagne Metallic, Atacama Bronze Metallic, Beige, Magnolia, Beachstone Gray Metallic, Steel City Silver Mica, Greyhound, Anthracite Silver Metallic, Black Metallic, Graphite Mica and Ultramarine Blue.

The Natural Collection Element Series. New AXCENT stocked colors include Moonstone Metallic, Colorado Gold Metallic, Native Copper Mica, Olivine Metallic and Serpentine Metallic.

THE AXCENT MADE-TO-ORDER PROGRAM. The ALUCOBOND AXCENT Made-to-Order Program now includes a total of 25 colors from The Classic Collection, The Spectra Collection and The Natural Collection’s Element and Terra Series. (Lead times and minimum orders apply.)

The Classic Collection. New made-to-order AXCENT colors include Tuscan Sun and Botanical.

The Spectra Collection. New made-to-order AXCENT colors include Ocean, Galaxy Blue, White Gold, Cupral and Sakura.

The Natural Collection Element and Terra Series. New made-to-order AXCENT colors include Arctic Frost, Aragonite Metallic, Sierra Sand, Bronze, Terracotta, Slate, Basalt Gray, Cubanite Metallic, Lava Nera and Almandine Garnet Metallic.

For more information about ALUCOBOND AXCENT and ALUCOBOND PLUS, call (800) 626-3365, email info.usa@3AComposites.com or visit www.alucobondUSA.com.