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Architectural Building Components Achieve Renowned Retrofit Roofing Rating

Architectural Building Components, Houston, announced that its unique 238T roofing system with Roof Hugger application has received one of two retrofit-roofing FM ratings by FM Global. This rating signifies the most wind-uplift, superior fire, hail and accelerated weathering standards on the market. The rating indicates to building owners that a product has been tested and certified by labs across the globe and will provide long-lasting, weather-resistant protection for commercial and industrial buildings. The symmetrical 238T panels have fixed clips that can be installed in any direction, along with a separate seam cover that makes repair or replacement of panels a simple task. By using a 24-gauge by 16-inch panel and multi-span clips over regular individual clips, a building owner can achieve nearly triple the wind-load rating from 1-75 to 1-195. And, because the system uses a separate cap, the sealant has no contact with the clip, making the 238T panels more watertight at installation. The 238T roofing system also provides unlimited thermal movement, improved energy efficiency and R-values and minimal need for maintenance over its 30- to 50-year lifespan.