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BETCO Opens New Multi-Story Self Storage Design Center

Betco, multistory self storage, new design centerHigher land costs, limited land availability and space for land configuration in urban areas have led to an increase in the demand for multi-story self storage construction. BETCO Inc., a single-source self storage building manufacturer based in Statesville, NC, recently opened a design office in Charlotte, N..C, to meet the growing demand for multi-story self storage construction throughout the country.

Chris Gilbert, Vice-President of Engineering, BETCO, leads the design team in the satellite office specializing in developing plans for multi-story self storage buildings. Gilbert explained that as the cost of land increases, it becomes more difficult for self storage business owners to spread out with single level construction. Going vertical with multi-story construction not only allows for more rentable square footage, but also creates greater possibilities for aesthetic details.

“In general, multi-stories are more aesthetically pleasing than standard, single-story buildings, because they allow us to incorporate more design elements, like brick, stucco and storefront glass,” Gilbert said. “Plus, we have an in-house design team, which allows us to give more individualized attention to the project and the details.”

In addition to being more efficient uses of land, multi-story self storage buildings are climate controlled and include large, spacious freight elevators. As with BETCO’s single-story self storage buildings, there are a number of color options for doors and trim.