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Cornice Construction Wins Building of the Year Excellence in Design Award

Cornice Construction LLC of Warren, Ore., was recently awarded the American Buildings 2023 Building of the Year Excellence in Design Award in the Manufacturing/Industrial category for the Ryerson Steel project. The immense, 212,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art structure houses a metal distribution and steel processing facility. Within the space, 12,000 square feet occupies a high-end office space, and the remaining 200,000 square feet is for warehousing and manufacturing. The warehouse floor area has multiple large pits, a thickened slab, equipment foundations with steel embeds, and a railroad throughout. The facility has four 100-foot x 500-foot bays with three cranes per bay. There are six, 25-ton cranes and six, 35-ton cranes. American Buildings provided eight auxiliary crane columns at each end wall for support of the crane runway beams. These crane columns are tied and flanged braced to the shear walls for lateral support. Concrete tilt walls are featured, and the entire perimeter is surrounded by parapet walls.

The highly anticipated Excellence in Design Awards competition is open to all American Authorized Builders. The awards recognize Builders for their innovation, diverse application, and distinction in design in the metal buildings industry. Winners are selected by an independent panel of judges.

This year, judges chose from over 100 entries and selected the best projects in each of the following categories: Agriculture; Auto Dealership; Church/Religious Centers; Commercial; Government/Institutional; Manufacturing/Industrial; Office; Recreation; Retail; Special Projects; Transportation; and Warehouse/Distribution.

Winners were announced for each category and were eligible to compete for the Excellence in Design top award: 2023 Building of the Year.

“The Excellence in Design Awards highlight the diverse application and expanding boundaries of metal systems construction,” said Carlie Smith, Marketing Director for Nucor Buildings Group. “Each year we are impressed by the talented professionals in our industry and the quality of projects submitted. We are proud of the partnerships with our Builders and the inspiring, innovative metal building projects that come to life. We are honored to award the 2023 Building of the Year to Cornice Construction for the Ryerson Steel project.”