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Garland Receives Regional Award for its Commitment to Manufacturing Excellence

The Garland Company was recently celebrated as a 2018 Evolution of Manufacturing honoree for staying ahead of the curve and in tune to the needs of the global economy. Garland was among 12 northern Ohio companies recognized at the Evolution of Manufacturing awards ceremony at Cuyahoga Community College’s Advanced Technology Training Center February 22. The award honors regional manufacturers for their ability to innovate, create and drive processes that result in a positive impact on their bottom line. 

Garland is a more than 120-year-old manufacturer that has consistently embraced the sustainable thoughts of the future by developing high-quality products designed to focus on increasing a building’s life cycle while also decreasing its footprint. For example, last year, Garland introduced multiple water-based primers and eco-friendly and health conscience coatings that focus on making buildings last longer. To assist in that forward-thinking mentality, Garland’s research and development team holds monthly innovation meetings to review current product offerings and determine what changes can be made to improve those products to be best in class.

But Garland’s commitment to excellence doesn’t stop there. Garland’s innovation leaders understand that product quality extends far beyond the walls of the laboratory. So in an effort to ensure the products being sent to customers maintain Garland’s high standards of quality, a new quality assurance and communications program was developed for its Cleveland manufacturing operations. GMAX, which stands for Garland Manufacturing Attention to Excellence, is a proactive program designed to provide more education to the manufacturing staff and open lines of communication between key players in the product manufacturing process.

“It is an honor to be recognized among northeast Ohio’s smartest and most innovative manufacturers,” said Melissa Rus, Garland’s director of research & development. “Being one step ahead of our customers is the only way to remain competitive in this global marketplace. Our goal is to develop the industry’s next innovation before our customers even know they need it.”