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Insulated Panel Handling Solutions

Wood’s Powr-Grip is proud to announce the addition to its growing line of vacuum lifting equipment – the DC-powered Cladding Lifter. This dual-circuit vacuum lifter was specifically designed for the safe, efficient handling and installation of composite wall and roof panels. Standard with an expandable pad frame, the Cladding Lifter can stretch to a length of more than 15 feet, making this vacuum lifter ideal for lifting longer panels. The Cladding Lifter comes generously equipped with a full complement of standard features, including a dual vacuum system with vacuum reserve tanks that reduces the risk of falling loads. An on-board battery charging system stays with the lifter so you can charge the battery wherever you go. The battery energy gauge allows you to visually assess the current energy level of the battery and a low vacuum level buzzer warns you whenever the vacuum level is not sufficient for lifting the maximum load weight. Movable vacuum pads and removable pad frame extensions enable this manual tilter to be configured in a variety of ways. The vacuum pads are available in multiple styles for specific applications and have a soft suction seal to help avoid damage to panel finishes and surfaces. In short, the Cladding Lifter provides a safe, reliable and quick method of handling and installing many types of insulated wall or roof panels. For more information, visit www.powrgrip.com.