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Kingspan Light + Air Creates New Online Tool to Help Architects Choose the Right Daylighting System

While there are plenty of daylighting systems out there to help make a building more sustainable, the ability to incorporate effective daylighting strategies into a design can be easier said than done. Enter choosedaylight.com, a new, free online tool developed by Kingspan Light + Air, a leading provider of daylighting products, to help architects and designers find the right custom daylighting system for their next project.

Whether it’s a facility modernization or a start-from-scratch new design, architects, engineers and/or construction professionals are able to quickly determine the most effective daylighting solution to provide outstanding, and groundbreaking, annual daylighting performance for energy-savings and occupant health and wellbeing.

“With Kingspan Light + Air’s recent acquisition of Major Industries Inc., it was important for us to find a way to communicate the performance and aesthetic differences between our products in a simple and understandable way. Our goal with this new online tool is to help architects navigate daylighting solution options to find the best system for their project’s needs,” said Kingspan Light + Air North America Marketing Communications Manager, Mark Mitchell.

The online tool guides users through a series of simple questions related to their project’s specific design or performance needs, and then suggests the best daylighting system solution based on those responses. Once a system is suggested, the user can click on links to additional contact information, downloadable brochures and other related material.

“Now that we offer various types of translucent wall systems, skylights and canopy systems, we wanted an easy way to highlight the best attributes of each system and make it easy for architects to narrow down their daylighting system choices,” added Mitchell.

Covering everything from building aesthetics to performance requirements, the new online tool is a simple and time-saving solution for architects. To view the website, visit www.choosedaylight.com.