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KNAACK PowerCrew Delivers Safe Jobsite Power

KNAACK LLC, Crystal Lake, Ill., the PowerCrew 15-amp in-box power supply provides a safer solution for in-box power that works in any brand or style of jobsite box. PowerCrew is the industry exclusive solution for worry-free power supply; virtually eliminating the risks of shock and fire. It has four GCFI-protected electrical outlets providing 15 amps of power for operating tools or charging batteries. The power source comes via a standard three-prong/straight blade extension cord, which plugs into the outside of the box. PowerCrew replaces the practice of jerry-rigging power solutions for jobsite boxes, such as drilling holds in boxes and running power cords to tools, resulting in overloaded circuits and snarled cords laying on the floor to trip and fall on. PowerCrew safety features include an internal relay, which senses an open neutral conductor (a broken wire) in the power supply line. If this occurs, the relay remains open preventing electricity from reaching a person who might make contact with the broken wire. Another safety feature is the red LED that indicates the four outlets have power and are ready to power-up a tool or charger.