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Laminators Passed NFPA 285 for Dry Seal Installation

Laminators Incorporated announces that its Omega-Lite aluminum composite panel was recently tested and passed the requirements of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 285 Standard using their Dry Seal Installation System.

This is the second Laminators’ installation system, along with the 1-Piece, Tight-Fit, that has received approval for multi-story applications.

The Fire Technology Department of the Southwest Research Institute (SwRI), located in San Antonio, Texas conducted an ISMA fire performance evaluation on Omega-Lite installed with Laminators’ Dry Seal installation system with type “X” gypsum and steel construction, and concluded the wall assembly utilizing Omega-Lite met the acceptance criteria stated in the NFPA 285 standard.

The NFPA 285 test provides a method of determining the flammability characteristics of exterior, non-load-bearing wall assemblies/panels. The test is intended to evaluate the inclusion of combustible components within wall assemblies/panels of buildings that are required to be of non-combustible construction. It is intended to simulate the tested wall assemblies’ fire performance. Omega-Lite successfully passed the test.