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Mazzella Companies acquires New Tech Machinery

Mazzella Companies has acquired New Tech Machinery (NTM) of Denver. New Tech Machinery is one of the leading manufacturers of portable rollforming equipment in the world. To date, NTM has sold machines in over 40 countries.

NTM manufactures the finest portable rollforming equipment for the metal construction industry. “The reputation of their people and their portable roof panel and gutter machines is second to none”, says Tony Mazzella, CEO of Mazzella Companies.

This acquisition adds to Mazzella’s diverse company portfolio. “It will enhance Mazzella Companies’ international manufacturing capabilities and further solidify our position as a leader in the architectural metal roof and wall industries,” Mazzella adds.

New Tech Machinery is based in Denver and has a manufacturing facility in Hermosillo, Mexico. New Tech employs approximately 80 people between both locations and has been in business since 1991.

“They will continue to lead the portable rollforming industry with the best equipment and continue to expand their offerings,” says Mazzella.