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Mid-West Steel Building Co. has new website

Mid‐West Steel Building Company is pleased to announce the launch of their new, improved website, which is accessible via www.mid‐weststeel.com. This new website is approximately three months in the making and offers information about Mid‐West’s areas of expertise, as well as resource information and news.

This site is an effort to take Mid‐West to the next level in terms of technology. “The new website is a great source of information for our customers and builders,” said Ed Kohutek, president of Mid‐West Steel Building Company. The site is as useful to customers and builders as it was before, with access to enhanced programs such as ExpressPlus, Builder Project Tracking and Optima.

The user‐friendly website offers a complete company history, a portfolio gallery and contacts for regional district managers. The site enables viewers to browse our published news stories and press releases, and a dedicated section to building green.

This state‐of‐the‐art website now embodies who Mid‐West is – a relationship‐oriented metal buildings provider with world‐class service and resources.