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Sapa Extrusions Announces $10 million Cast House Expansion

Sapa Extrusions-North America, Chicago, has announced a $10 million project to expand casting pit operations at its Cressona, Pennsylvania plant. The project will add 100 million pounds of additional annual capacity to Sapa’s total casting operations, which includes cast houses in Spanish Fork (Utah), Delhi (La.), Yankton (S.D.), Cressona (Pa.) and Toronto. Construction on the Cressona expansion will commence this month with completion and start-up of the facility scheduled for September 2011. Richard A. Worst, Cressona plant manager, detailed some features of the new casting equipment: “This single holder, single melter pit will be dedicated to specialty alloys. It will allow us to develop new chemistries that provide enhanced features for our customers. The new tilting holder and tilting SNIF offer easy cleaning and quick product changeover. By segregating its production from our existing double pit equipment, which is used for larger volume alloys, we realize significant production gains due to fewer size and alloy changes.”