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Daily News – Steel Framing Industry Association Formed


“The SFIA will unify our industry and help make all our businesses more successful through a number of initiatives. The SFIA will advocate on behalf of companies in the Cold Formed Steel Framing Industry to expand the market through code compliance, promotion, education and innovation,” said SFIA interim President Bill Courtney (ClarkWestern Building Systems).

According to SFIA interim Vice President Kennon Whaley (Southeastern Stud & Components, Inc.), “SFIA will be an inclusive, industry‐wide association because membership is open to CFS product manufacturers, steel mills, coil coaters, steel coil suppliers, connector and accessory manufacturers, panel and truss manufacturers, equipment and tool manufacturers, supplier/distributor yards, design professionals and contractors.”

“SFIA will also provide peace of mind to all stakeholders in the CFS industry by implementing an independent third‐party code compliance certification program for exterior and interior framing products in early 2011. The program is open to the more than 70 CFS product manufacturers and will ensure that products produced by SFIA manufacturing members meet all applicable building codes. Also, SFIA is planning to develop an independent third‐party code compliance certification program for framing accessories,” stated SFIA interim Secretary John Roberts (Dietrich Metal Framing).

According to SFIA interim Treasurer Ray Frobosilo (Super Stud Building Products, Inc.), “We feel that SFIA will be in the best position to promote innovation and improve competition with lumber and masonry products, and will be in an excellent position to fund important research.”

SFIA will be guided by a Board of Directors that will meet a minimum of two times each year, once in fall and once at AWCI’s Convention & INTEX Expo. The Board of Directors and Officers will be elected at the first membership meeting on April 5, 2011, in Las Vegas, Nev. The board consists of four officers, two small, two medium and two large CFS product manufacturers, one steel mill, one supplier/distributor and one contractor.

For more information, please write to info@steelindustryassociation.org.