Fasteners – February 2021

Fasteners featured in Metal Construction News’ February 2021 issue.

Simpson Strong-Tie Co. Inc.

Simpson Strong-Tie’s model PPSD sheathing to cold-formed steel (CFS) screw is a structural screw for fastening wood subfloor/sheathing to CFS elements. The collated fastener has a flat head with nibs for countersinking and a #3 square drive. Its head diameter meets the American Iron and Steel Institute (AISI) lateral design standard.

Triangle Fastener Corp.

Triangle Fastener’s 1/4-inch diameter Blazer-3 drill screws in carbon steel have FM approval for screw attachments per classes 4471 (panel roofs) and 4881 (exterior wall systems). Blazer-3 fasteners have the company’s TRI-SEAL finish and are approved in lengths to 11 inches.

SENCO Brands Inc.

SENCO’s collated, 3/4-inch, metal-to-metal fasteners are suitable for heavy and light steel framing applications. A pan-head screw with a 0.34-inch T-4 drill tip and high-torque rex drive recess, allowing penetration of up to 12-gauge steel, is offered. For lighter steel applications, a low-profile, modified truss head screw with a 0.22-inch drill tip and Philips recess is available.

Dynamic Fastener

Dynamic Fastener’s purlin fasteners are #14 diameter, long fasteners with a 3/8-inch hex washer head. They are installed through insulated panels or retrofit roofing. The T-4 screws have 14 threads per inch and are available 7 inches or 10 inches long. They fasten to 0.036-inch to 0.375-inch total steel thickness at connection.