Metal Composite Material Panels

Metal Composite Material Panels – November 2017

Metal composite material panels featured in Metal Construction News’ November 2017 issue.

Arconic Architectural Products USA

Arconic Architectural Products’ Reynobond aluminum composite materials (ACM) with Design Line painted finishes are designed to look like natural materials including wood, mineral, stone and patina painted patterns. The three-coat coatings are sealed with polymer-based resin and inorganic pigments. They are impervious to UV exposure, extreme temperatures and saltwater. Reynobond ACM with Design Line painted finishes are available in a variety of lengths to 260 inches. They can be rollformed, shaped, bent, routed, folded, punched or cut to make architectural elements.

Fairview Architectural North America

Fairview Architectural’s Vitrabond G2 is a noncombustible metal composite material (MCM) manufactured in a continuous coil process. Its core is constructed from 100 percent aluminum. Vitrabond G2 MCM is lightweight, rigid, and is available in a wide range of surfaces and finishes.

Mapes Panels LLC

Mapes Panels LLC’s MapeStop Panels are designed for projects that require fire-rated walls and partitions. They are available with a timed fire rating of 15 minutes or 20 minutes, which is attained by utilizing gypsum board as the interior substrate of the panels. The panels use non-asbestos cement board substrates and a Micore (mineral board) core to achieve an NFPA 285-approved panel. The Class A-rated infill panels are offered in a wide variety of architectural finishes and colors.

Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. Inc.

Southern Aluminum Finishing’s C4000 Rain Screen Panel System is a drained, back-ventilated, dry metal composite material (MCM) panel and panel extrusion system. The MCM panels have strips of composite material in the reveals between panels instead of caulk to create a uniform appearance. The panels include frame extrusions, which are factory attached to the routed and returned edges of the panels and fit into field-installed horizontal and vertical track extrusions.