Metal Wall Panels

Metal Wall Panels – February 2021

Metal wall panels featured in Metal Construction News’ February 2021 issue.


CENTRIA’s Concept Series single-skin, concealed fastener wall panels have a common-lock joint that allows the panels to be integrated with each other and the CASCADE metal panel system. Panels can be installed vertically or horizontally with an unbroken appearance. Panels are used with CSC-1, 2 or 3 attachment clips that provide ventilation cavities and drain planes behind panels.


MBCI offers 24-gauge and 22-gauge FW-120 architectural wall panels with FW-120 clips. FW-120 clips snap onto female legs of FW-120 panels, and then engage male legs of the panels. Lifting panels and fasteners (stitches) are not required during installation, which reduces the opportunity for panels to become distorted.

McElroy Metal

McElroy Metal’s 16-inch, concealed fastener Wave panel has 3/4-inch-deep ribs. It is available as a fixed or floating panel. A fixed panel is installed with an integral fastening flange which is rollformed into panels during manufacturing. A floating panel uses separate clips and should be specified at lengths 40 feet and greater.

Metal Sales Manufacturing Corp.

Metal Sales’ Empire Series concealed fastener metal wall panels come in eight box rib profiles. The panels are available with 12-inch and 16-inch coverages and they have common joinery so profiles can be mixed. Empire Series metal wall panels are installed with attachment to substructures with concealed clips.


Metl-Span offers two backup wall systems: BW Universal System and BW Stretch System. They provide air, water, thermal and vapor protection in an all-in-one barrier component. The BW Universal System is horizontally installed with exterior rainscreen systems and spans to 24 inches on-center. The BW Stretch System is vertically installed with exterior rainscreen systems and spans to 6 feet on-center.

Petersen Aluminum Corp.

Petersen Aluminum’s PAC-CLAD Precision Series Highline B-1 metal wall panels are 1 3/8 inches deep in seven rib patterns. They are installed vertically, horizontally or angled. Options include 12-inch and 16-inch widths, clip or clipless fastening, and aluminum perforation. Aluminum panels are offered 0.032-, 0.04- and 0.05-inch-thick. Steel panels are 24- or 22-gauge.

Rollfab Metal Products

Rollfab’s Alumaboard Plank Series aluminum siding mimics wood grains. Planks can be installed horizontally or vertically and used in exterior and interior applications. Alumaboard Planks can also be used in soffit applications. They come a variety of wood grain and solid colors including Hazelnut Brown, Medium Cherry, Light Fir, Barnwood Wash, Dark Bronze and Charcoal.