Metal Wall Panels

Metl-Span introduces new line of single-skin metal wall panels

Metl-Span has introduced a comprehensive line
of single-skin metal wall panel systems. Identified as the Prestige Series and the Profile Series, the line includes 11 panel configurations. The Prestige Series offers four 12-inch-wide concealed fastener reveal options, including No Reveal Flat, 1-inch Reveal Flat, 2-inch Reveal Flat and 6-inch Reveal Flat. The Prestige Series also includes a 16-inch Fluted Panel. Prestige Series wall panels are designed to be installed both horizontally and vertically. The Profile Series includes six models, all of which have exposed fasteners. The profiles include Mini-V-Beam, Nu-Wave, Box Rib, Reversed Box Rib, HR-36 and Reversed HR-36.