Metal Wall Panels

New Products, June 2008

Triple-performance Glove

Best Glove’s IT Black-Lite 4540 combines oil absorption, grip and flexibility. Best Glove flat-dips the dark glove shell in a sponge nitrile compound that is less oil absorbent than the tradition sponge nitrile used in other Zorb-IT gloves. Offering second-skin comfort, the glove’s breathable, seamless black knitliner reduces odors and hides grime.

Black Stir-in Pigment

The Shepherd Color Co. has introduced Dynamix Black 30C933, a CI Pigment Black 26. Typical applications include liquid and powder coatings; silicate and masonry coatings; and radiation cured coatings. The stir-in pigment requires only mixing. It is compatible with solvent and waterborne coatings systems, as well as 100 percent solids systems and ultraviolet-cured coatings.

TimecardGPS Assists Businesses

Alltell Wireless’ TimecardGPS is an application that enables users to track an employee’s location, record shift time, and capture job or work order information from LBSenabled wireless phones. The TimecardGPS application allows managers to increase productivity by using their wireless device to perform a variety of important tasks and have access to their workers’ exact location and job completion data.

Laminate for Cold Weather

Venture Tape Corp.’s VentureFlash 800 is a three-ply zero perm laminate (al. foil/PET/al.foil) coated with a special “CW” cold weather acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive system. The product is self-adhering and has a moisture and vapor barrier to fight mold, mildew and decay. VentureFlash combines quick stick at normal temperatures with superior low-temperature performance below freezing. It can be used with all window and door products, including vinyl, aluminum, wood or fiberglass. It also can be used in metal building construction.

Stucco Texture Walls

The Santa Fe insulated metal wall panels from Metl-Span Ltd. feature a heavy embossed metal, stucco texture that mimics the look of masonry stucco finish. The product has a flat profile, 42-inch- (1,067-mm-) module width and comes in four thicknesses—2, 2 1/2, 3 and 4 inches (51, 64, 76 and 102 mm). Panels are available in standard lengths from 8 to 32 feet (2 to 10 m) and have an R-value (nominal) of 7.14 per inch. Exterior and interior facings are G-90 galvanized or AZ-50 aluminum-zinc-coated steel in a variety of colors and finishes.;;;;