Metal Wall Panels

Panels return clean appearance

Firestones 3200

Firestone Building Products’ Series 3200 No Return (NR) expands its UNACLAD Aluminum Plate Panel offering. Series 3200 NR differs from the rest of the line in that the metal is not folded over to create a return edge, which offers designers the choice of a clean-edge panel. The panels are fabricated using an extruded perimeter frame attachment and side clip and, instead of caulking at its panel joint, the system features an aluminum plate spline. Series 3200 NR thickness options include 0.125 and 0.19 inches. Kynar 500/Hylar 5000 high-performance fluorocarbon resinous coatings, anodized, and Class I and II batch-anodized finishing options are available. Features include reveal spline at panel joints, adjustable from 0.5 inches and up, spline material fabricated from the same color as the panels or a contrasting color, maximum 58-inch-width dimension and bent-shape choices.