Roof Accessories and Snow Retention

Roof Accessories and Snow Retention – April 2018

Roof accessories and snow retention products featured in Metal Construction News’ April 2018 issue.


AceClamp’s Color Snap snow retention system for standing seam roofs snaps into retaining clips that are pre-installed on clamps. Non-penetrating fasteners are installed on standing seam ribs, and the Color Snap bar is set below the fasteners and slid up until it snaps into place. The bolts on the clips that hold the bar are tightened. A 2-inch-wide metal strip that blends the system into the roof’s color scheme is inserted into the bar’s front-facing groove.

Design Components Inc.

Design Components’ Metalwalk rooftop walkway and safety handrail integrates with roof hatches to provide safe access. Its modular components allow for different widths and configurations. The walkway and handrail are produced with galvanized or Galvalume steel or aluminum. Metalwalk can be installed on R-panel roofs and there is an optional 4-inch-high toe board. The safety handrail is OSHA- and IBC tested. The walkway and handrail can be installed on standing seam roofs with non-penetrating clamps.

Dynamic Fastener

Dynamic Fastener’s Dyna-Guard snow retention system for standing seam roof systems is an 8-foot-long, extruded aluminum stick with a T-shaped profile. It is installed by attaching clamps or brackets to a metal roof and bolting the system to the clamps or brackets. Dyna-Clamps with round-point set screws and Sno-Dams are offered. Sno-Dams attach to the back of Dyna-Guard and inhibit snow and ice from sliding under it. A 2-inch-wide painted strip of metal roof material is inserted.


LMCurbs’ Roof Walkway Systems are mechanically attached to standing seam roofs and non-penetrating. They create anti-skid walkways that protect roofs from foot traffic. Roof Walkway Systems have 12-inch-wide interlocking planks that create 24-inch-, 36-inch-, 48-inch- and 60-inch-wide walkways. They are 2 1/2 inches tall. The walkways are produced with galvanized steel with G-90 coating. Optional components include handrails, kick plates, leveling capabilities and ridgeline step-overs.

RCS–Roof Curb Systems

RCS–Roof Curb Systems’ Fast-Rac roof platform system mounts roof equipment to low-slope, standing seam roofs. It has aluminum construction and is installed with integrated utility clamps. The system does not penetrate roofs and can be used to mount air conditioning condensers, mini-splits, duct supports, utility shutoffs and accessories less than 400 pounds.

Sno Gem Inc.

Sno Gem’s Sno Blockade snow retention system has WaveLock technology with three points of attachment on standing seam roofs without penetration. Sno Blockade has 1-inch or 2-inch bars, and is available powder coated, in standard mill finish aluminum and Kynar finishes. Blockade Plate may be installed on the upslope side of the bar to reduce melting snow and ice from sliding underneath the bar.