Roof Accessories and Snow Retention

S-5!’s X-Gard pipe snow retention system and S-5!’s Utility System


S-5! announced two new products: the X-Gard pipe snow retention system and the S-5! Utility System. X-Gard was designed to be paired with locally purchased round pipe or NEX 2.0 pipe. The retention system spans up to 48 inches and can be purchased as a one- or two-pipe system, depending on project specifics including pitch and snow load. X-Gard double-clamp, when attached with S-5!’s standard or mini-sized clamps, provides holding strength. The employment of two clamps with each bracket and the shape of the NEX 2.0 pipe enable a properly installed X-Gard system to provide a reliable snow retention solution in a wide variety of situations. The Utility System enables attachment of utility applications including signs, banners, light fixtures, gas piping, antennas, roof walkways, HVAC equipment, lightning protection systems, condensate lines, stack/flue bracing, fascias, equipment screens, electrical conduit, antennas and cabling. The retention system can be rotated 360-degrees for orientation versatility. X-Gard and S-5! Utility System can be attached to major standing seam metal roof profiles without damaging the roof and voiding roof manufacturers’ warranties. X-Gard and S-5! Utility System both mechanically attach with round-point setscrews that grip the seam without penetrating or damaging the panel’s protective finishes. The setscrews slightly dimple the metal seam material without piercing it, leaving roof manufacturers’ warranties intact.