Safety Equipment – September 2020

Safety equipment featured in Metal Construction News’ September 2020 issue.

Design Components Inc.

Design Components’ Rigid Rail Personal Fall Arrest System includes an aluminum or stainless steel rail, fall arrest trolley and body harness. Trolleys connect to waist D-rings, move freely and immediately lock, arresting falls. Trolleys are available for straight and curved rails.


Dynamic Fastener

Dynamic Fastener’s Swivel Metal Roof Anchor is used with lifelines, rope/cable grabs or retractors. It has a 360-degree swivel and allows 180-degree movement of a D-ring, which keeps the connection point in line with work space. The roof anchor fits in valleys of light R-panels and captures purlins below.


Kee Safety Inc.

Kee Safety’s KeeLine Horizontal Lifelines can support as many as three workers at its maximum span of 39 feet between posts. They have stainless steel components including 5/16-inch, grade 316 stainless steel wires, rivets for swage and in-line shock absorbers. KeeLine Horizontal Lifelines are installed without penetrating metal roofs.


Pure Safety Group

Pure Safety Group offers the Guardian Retractable horizontal lifeline for fall arrest or fall restraint applications. During a fall, the lifeline deploys an extending metal energy absorber to reduce peak loads to anchorage structures. It has a 60-foot galvanized cable horizontal lifeline and a single direction, tensioner handle that prevents accidental releases.


Rite-Hite Corp.

Rite-Hite’s LED Virtual Vision light for rollup doors uses motion sensors on both sides of doors. The system illuminates red LED lights, flashing on opposing sides of doors, to indicate when workers or objects are approaching. It can be used with Rite-Hite’s LED Countdown and LED Pre-Announce devices that communicate when doors are going to close.


Werner Co.

Werner’s high heat harnesses are for mechanical, electrical and welding contractors working at height who encounter weld spatter and high heat. They have relief handles that allow users to manipulate themselves into chair in the air positions to protect against suspension trauma in post-fall situations. Harnesses are made of Kevlar webbing with a char resistance to 700 degrees.


Xena Workwear Inc.

Xena Workwear’s Omega EH Safety Boots for women are impact and compression resistant. They are rated I/75 and C/75, and protect wearers’ toes from an impact to 75 foot-pounds and compressive loads to 2,500 pounds. The ASTM certified, OSHA compliant, Electrical Hazard (EH) certified boots are produced with full-grain leather. They have wide, steel toe caps, ankle padding, antimicrobial insoles and air-flow lining.