Sealants, Tapes and Adhesives

Sealants, Tapes, Adhesives March 2013

Hot Melt Technologies
Hot Melt Technologies is the manufacturer of dispensing equipment for in-line hot melt sealant application. Its equipment is integrated to all makes of rollformers. HMT PROFLEX and BENCHMARK sealant dispensing systems use HMT-8101 or HMT-3388 thermally applied sealant to meet extended warranty, low-slope requirements along with architectural and government specifications.

Chem Link Products LLC
Chem Link’s high-performance silicone moisture cure DuraSil Adhesive/Sealant is well suited for metal architecture, including Kynar 500 PVDF. Highly elastic, solvent-free and 100 percent solid, it will never shrink. Chem Link’s product is highly effective where strength, elasticity, adhesion, speed of set and safety are needed.