Tools and Equipment – February 2022

Tools and equipment were featured in Metal Construction News’ February 2022 issue.

Tool kit aligns standing seam roof panels

Building Research Systems Inc.’s Module Clamp Kit eases installation of TS-324 trapezoidal, 3-inch by 24-inch mechanically field-seamed roof systems. Hand tools hold a panel’s modularity for all roofs including those with long panel runs and 8-inch-thick fiberglass insulation blankets. A module clamp locks a panel corrugation into the design dimension alignment, even if the corrugation is slightly deformed. An alignment bar locks into the clamp while holding a clip and the panel leading edge on module until clip fasteners are installed. To install the roof system, contractors can rent roof seamers from Quality Roof Seamers Inc. in Olive Branch, Miss., which is compliant with Building Research Systems’ quality control requirements.

Lift has less than zero degree turn radius

Custom Equipment LLC’s ZT-1230 electric scissor lift with counterrotating wheels has a less than zero-degree turn radius. Its directional drive is determined by the rear wheels turning in opposite directions when the joystick is moved left or right, creating a less than zero-degree turn radius.

Tool bends roofing material straight

Malco Products SBC’s 3-Station Edge Roller (ER3) adjusts to make 5/8-inch to 4-inch bends in 29- to 22-gauge steel roofing material. To make straight bends, start with a straight cut edge on the material. Put light pressure on the ER3 and make multiple passes, bending material about 10 to 20 degrees each pass.

App controls scissor lifts

JLG Industries Inc.’s JLG Mobile Control app for mobile devices has a Bluetooth Analyzer and Bluetooth Analyzer Reader. Users can troubleshoot, calibrate and customize scissor lifts with the app.

Driver attachments work with handheld, standup tools

Kyocera SENCO Industrial Tools Inc.’s DURASPIN DS530 series of driver attachments include auto-feed attachments for 1-inch- to 3-inch-long screws and standup extensions. Uses include attaching metal framing, boards to metal studs, metal decking and metal trusses.

Vacuum lifter moves 600-pound panels

Wood’s Powr-Grip’s Panel Channel 600 vacuum lifter has a 600-pound capacity. It has a dual vacuum system and flexible sealing rings that attach on textured surfaces and contours to an 1/8-inch deep.