Private Residence, Edgeworth, Pa.

Photo: Skysight Photography

Metal roofing and wall panels were incorporated into a modern design for a renovation and expansion of a private residence. About 900 square feet were added for a living room and family room to an existing, renovated 2,700 square feet.

Lee Calisti, AIA, founder and principal at lee CALISTI architecture+design, says, “We believe with the owner that the modern bookends magnify the original 1920s home by contrast, yet the diagram remains classical. The new living room addition on the north replaces an unused, open porch. In contrast, a renovated portion of the existing house within an earlier insensitive addition lends a unique appearance with its reconfigured layout. It serves as a bulk of the home’s functional program. With the overdue maintenance included in the project, this is like a brand-new home.

“Our initial planning study uncovered the tight constraints within the zoning setbacks, which limited our initial expansion concept. The owner decided they had no desire to seek a variance from the local borough. Fortunately, this caused us to reinvestigate the program, which, after a second look, yielded a richer, more functional and economical solution. Within these imaginary boundaries, the result is restrained, but tailored. We also respected the A-B-A pattern of the existing, traditional format.”

On the roof, Likar Roofing Co. Inc. installed ATAS International Inc.’s 0.032-inch-thick aluminum PC standing seam roof panels in Kynar 5000 PDVF Silversmith.

“Metal roofing was the obvious choice for re-roofing as a luxurious, yet smart choice,” Calisti says. “This roof will last forever. Since we anticipated an uneven roof deck surface, we chose a snap-on system that is not handed. The roofer could start in the center and work outward.”

On walls, Likar Roofing installed ATAS’ 0.032-inch-thick aluminum, concealed-fastener Metafor wall panels in Kynar 500 PVDF Titanium.

“Metal wall panels are lightweight, yet lend contrast to the smooth, cementitious panels,” Calisti says. “The other splurge was a custom-made steel and wood stair with a stainless steel cable rail system.”

Standard and Custom LLC fabricated and installed the custom steel staircase.