Readers’ Choice Awards for 2017

By Paul Deffenbaugh In our fifth annual Readers’ Choice Awards, things are looking up. More specifically, our readers are looking up to the roof. Of the 30 products selected by our readers as the most interesting in the last 12 months, 11 are roofing products or roofing accessories. Others are meant to be used in… Continue reading Readers’ Choice Awards for 2017
By Paul Deffenbaugh

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In our fifth annual Readers’ Choice Awards, things are looking up. More specifically, our readers are looking up to the roof. Of the 30 products selected by our readers as the most interesting in the last 12 months, 11 are roofing products or roofing accessories. Others are meant to be used in relation to roof installations.

The other big category readers turned to was the introduction of new metal finishes by several companies. Clearly, our readers are looking for new opportunities to differentiate themselves from the competition, and they’re using products they specify and install to do that.

Our leading product this year is the Miasolé Hi-Tech Corp.’s FLEX-02N thin-film solar module. It reasserts a pattern that’s been established over the last five years of energy-efficient products garnering lots of attention from our readers. Whether it’s a solar module or daylighting products or insulation, the metal construction industry is still focusing on managing energy consumption in the built environment.

For a product to be considered for the Readers’ Choice Awards, it must have been featured in our editorial coverage between the May 2016 and April 2017 issues of Metal Construction News. We tracked the leads generated by each product from our readers and ranked them according to the number of leads.

Congratulations to the winners of the 2017



1. Miasolé Hi-Tech Corp.
February 2017

MiaSolé Hi-Tech Corp.’s FLEX-02N and FLEX-02NL modules are designed to be installed on standing seam roof systems with a peel-and-stick adhesive. FLEX-NL is a 14.6-inch-wide, 233.2-inch-long thin-film solar module with an efficiency greater than 16.5 percent. FLEX-02N and FLEX-02NL modules adhere directly to metal roofs between standing seams, which provides wind and seismic resistance. The lightweight modules are installed without any roof penetrations.



2. Rytec Corp.
Tinted Windows for Spiral FV Roll-Up Doors
June 2016

Rytec Corp.’s tinted windows with Lexan sheets for its Spiral FV roll-up doors are designed to be UV resistant, graffiti resistant and more scratch resistant than polycarbonate and acrylic. Rytec offers Lexan sheets incorporated with MARGARD coating as a standard feature for its Spiral FV doors. Adding optional bronze-tinted and grey-tinted Lexan sheets in Spiral FV doors produces smooth door appearances and reduces interior solar heat gain.



3. Ideal Industries
IDEAL Folding Saw
December 2016 

Ideal Industries’ IDEAL Folding Field Saw is 7 inches in the closed, folded position and 11 inches fully open. It has die-castconstruction, a two-position locking blade switch and an ergonomic handle with a non-slip rubber grip that wicks away sweat. The IDEAL Folding Field Saw accepts standard 6-inch reciprocating saw blades, and blade changes are done by loosening a side locking screw. It cuts drywall, lumber, roof shingles and other building materials.


Pure and Freeform

4. Pure and Freeform LLC
Spooner Grain Finish
February 2016

Pure and Freeform LLC’s Spooner Grain finish mimics heartwood with orange tones and interlocking brown to purple veining. The finish has a fine texture and matte luster. Spooner Grain finish is perforated for acoustics, and may be ordered in flat sheets or fabricated panels systems. Standard sheets are 48 inches by 120 inches; maximum length is 177 inches. Spooner Grain finish is part of Pure and Freeform’s Wood and Stone Solutions series.



5. Kolbe Windows and Doors
VistaLuxe Collection
February 2017

Kolbe Windows and Doors’ VistaLuxe collection of windows and doors features Evolution hardware, which is designed with a slim, streamlined style. Evolution hardware allows the window to be operated without a crank handle. The collection includes a number of direct-set corner windows, with and without posts, in 135-degree, 90-degree and inverted 90-degree configurations. Stacked units provide large glass areas with consistent alignment. A 3-inch cross rail matches the sightlines of mull configurations.



6. All Weather Insulated Panels
SR2 Insulated Metal Roof Panels
February 2017

All Weather Insulated Panels’ SR2 insulated metal roof panels look like standing seam roof systems. They have mechanically sealed seams with hidden fasteners for weather protection. SR2 insulated metal roof panels have a trapezoidal rib design that makes them strong. The insulated metal roof panels are produced in 26-gauge G-90 galvanized steel with standard PVDF and SMP exterior coatings. R values to R-50 may be reached.



7. ATAS International Inc.
Oxide Series Finishes
November 2016

ATAS International’s Oxide Series of metal cladding finishes look like weathered steel with a rust-like appearance. Seven colors of the PVDF finish are offered. ATAS offers two new types of stainless steel in its natural metals line: classic and terne-coated finishes.



8. Metstar USA Inc.
Metstar Slate Stone-Coated Steel Tiles
October 2016

Metstar USA’s Metstar Slate and Metstar Slate Plus stone-coated steel tiles can be installed as a batten system, built-in batten system, direct-to-deck system or with the Zero Flashing Eco System. The low-profile metal tiles are offered with a stone coating, paint or Galvalume finish. Metstar Slate tiles have exposed fasteners and Metstar Slate Plus tiles have concealed fasteners. Metstar Slate tiles come in three standard colors: Charcoal, Silver Grey and Teak.



9. Major Industries Inc.
IlluminPC Wall System
June 2016

Major Industries’ IlluminPC wall system features aluminum framing and 40-mm polycarbonate multiwall panels. Polycarbonate multiwall glazing material has built-in light diffusion, thermal performance and a tongue-and-groove design that snaps together. IlluminPC provides panel U-factors of 0.19, multiple color options and control of light transmission.



10. TAMKO Building Products Inc.
MetalWorks StoneCrest Slate Steel Shingles
October 2016

TAMKO Building Products’ MetalWorks StoneCrest Slate Steel Shingles feature a four-way locking system. The metal shingles are produced with G-90 steel and coated with Kynar 500/Hylar 5000. MetalWorks StoneCrest Slate Steel Shingles are available in 11 standard colors and custom colors. They can be used with TAMKO Building Products’ Synthetic Guard Plus Underlayment. The Energy Star-rated metal shingles are listed by the Cool Roof Rating Council and come with a 50-year limited warranty.



11. Southern Aluminum Finishing Co. Inc.
Perimeter Systems
February 2017

Southern Aluminum Finishing’s (SAF) Perimeter Systems commercial gutter systems have snap-on fascias, concealed gutter liners, heavy-duty support brackets and straps. They are available in four standard fascia profiles and custom options. The 8-inch SAF Perimeter Systems are offered with concealed internal drains, which eliminate exposed downspouts. They withstand heavy snow, ice and wind. SAF’s Roman and Colonial systems are tested to ANSI/SPRI GD-1 structural design standard for gutter systems used with low-slope roofs.



12. Sealex International Inc.
Silicon Extruded Products
October 2016

Sealex International’s silicone extruded products are used for sealing high movement areas including expansion joints, roof-to-wall transitions, roof height change details, joints between new and existing buildings, and ridge applications. They are produced with 100 percent silicone extrusion, and are available in a range of widths to 12 inches. Silicone extruded products may be used for construction and restoration applications. They are tear resistant and provide resistance to UV exposure and weathering.



13. McElroy Metal
138T Shingle Recover Systems
February 2017

McElroy Metal’s 138T Shingle Recover System recovers asphalt shingles with a symmetrical standing seam metal roofing system. With the 138T Shingle Recover System, tear-off and dumping costs are eliminated, and it can be installed without an underlayment.



14. Spantek Expanded Metals Inc.
Wide Strand Expanded Metals
August 2016

Spantek Expanded Metals offers several Wide Strand expanded metal patterns with diamond sizes ranging from 1/2-inch by 1/4-inch, to 5 inches by 2 1/2 inches. The patterns may be produced with steel, aluminum, copper and pre-coated materials, and post-expanding finishes including anodizing and painting are available. Wide Strand expanded metal patterns may be used for mechanical enclosures, façades, sunshades, fencing, ceiling tiles and column covers.



15. Dow Corning
HPI-1000 Building Insulation Blanket
December 2016

Dow Corning’s HPI-1000 Building Insulation Blanket is a thin, flexible insulation that can be cut and conformed to complex shapes and tight curvatures. It adheres tightly to connection points in building envelopes. The insulation blanket can be used as a thermal shim or spacer, and used to provide a thermal barrier between highly conductive elements.



16. Florida Metal Roofing Products Inc.
Barrel Style Tiles
October 2016

Florida Metal Roofing Products’ Barrel Style Tiles replicate the design of classic clay tiles. They are available in 24-gauge, galvanized (G-90) steel and 0.032-inch aluminum with a Kynar 500 paint finish. Barrel Style Tiles are Miami-Dade County product approved for high-velocity hurricane zones with a field design criteria of -204.25 pounds per square foot. The 0.032-inch aluminum Barrel Style Tiles are Florida product approved with a field design criteria of -127.50 pounds per square foot.



17. ATAS International Inc.
Water Control Systems
February 2017

ATAS International’s water control systems are available in several styles, sizes and colors. They come in 12-foot standard lengths and custom lengths to 40 feet to minimize joints. They make installing internal gutter straps easy. ATAS International’s water control systems are offered with optional color-matched external brackets.



18. 3A Composites USA Inc.
Alucobond New Wood Finishes
December 2016

3A Composites USA’s Alucobond naturAL aluminum composite material is available in three new wood-grain finishes: Beachwood, Chestnut and Rustic Walnut. The wood-grain finishes are 3-mm-, 4-mm- or 6-mm-thick, and combine the appearance of wood with durability, lightweight properties and ease of maintenance. Alucobond naturAL surfaces are offered in wood, graphite, stainless steel, zinc, rusted metal and mirrored glass.



19. Alply Insulated Panels LLC
Insulated Metal Panels
January 2017

Alply Insulated Panels LLC’s insulated metal panels (IMPs) are primarily used for exterior cladding and may be adapted for interior, nonbearing walls, soffits and ceilings. The IMPs can be formed flat or in a variety of custom, 3-D shapes to a maximum size of 5 feet by 20 feet. They feature the Key Lock individual panel locking system, which allows single panels to be replaced. The IMPs are available with multiple exterior wall face materials including aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel.



20. Ametco Manufacturing Corp.
Polaris Perforated Infill Panels
August 2016

Ametco Manufacturing’s Polaris perforated infill panels are available in a variety of perforation patterns and materials including steel, aluminum, stainless steel and plastic. They are fabricated with a 250-ton, 60-inch-wide, high-speed, computer-assisted press. Applications include perforated façades, railings, screens, grills, sunshades, fences and gates. Polaris perforated infill panels are available in 15 standard powdercoat colors and custom colors.



21. Wood’s Powr-Grip
Hand-Held Vacuum Cups for IMPS
May 2016

Wood’s Powr-Grip hand-held vacuum cups for insulated metal panels (IMP) and other cladding have a low-marking, flexible rubber compound that enables attachment to many textured, contoured and patterned surfaces found on IMPs and cold-storage panels. The hand-held vacuum cups have a load capacity of 60 pounds and are designed to put sturdy handles on large panels for final positioning and for lifting smaller panels with a partner.


PS Doors

22. PS Doors
Slidewise Roof Hatch
June 2016

PS Door’s Slidewise Roof Hatch slides open horizontally and is unaffected by wind gusts so the hatch panel does not slam open or closed. Slidewise Roof Hatch has a full-perimeter EPDM weather seal, low profile, aluminum construction and stainless steel hardware. Additional options include an OSHA-compliant safety railing system with a self-closing gate.



23. Steelscape Inc.
Classic Brushed Prints
January 2017

Steelscape’s Classic Brushed prints are a multicolor printed, pre-painted coil with appearance of brushed steel. They are available with G90, AZ50 or higher metallic coating ranging from 22-gauge to 29-gauge. Print selections include Timeless Bronze, Timeless Copper and Timeless Silver. Classic Brushed prints meet industry standards for adhesion and formability by complying with ASTM 3359 and ASTM 4145.



24. Cambridge Architectural
Hudson Stainless Steel Mesh and Exterior Cladding
May 2016

Cambridge Architectural’s Hudson stainless steel mesh pattern and exterior cladding system is designed for multistory parking garage façades. It has an open area of 82 percent, a high level of ventilation with a flat wire thickness capable of screening indirect sunlight and exterior views. Hudson mesh panels have a maximum width of 240 inches and maximum length of 100 feet. They can span large vertical surfaces with minimal intermediate structure because the load is carried at the top and bottom of the panel.



25. Exterior Technology Inc. (EXTECH)
February 2017

EXTECH’s KINETICWALLs feature flappers that move with the wind. The 6-inch square or curved flappers are attached to stainless steel rods. The building façades may incorporate a variety of materials including aluminum, glass, polycarbonate and steel. KINETICWALLs withstand hurricane force winds and rainfall. They facilitate ventilation and interior visibility, deflect sunshine and reduce solar heat gain. Spacers between the flappers prevent noise.



26. Gordon Inc.
Origami Ceiling Panels
June 2016

Gordon’s custom-manufactured Origami ceiling panels consist of trapezoidal and irregular triangular shapes coordinated to create multi-planar ceiling systems. The metal ceiling systems are direct hung and do not require conventional grid suspension. Origami panels may be perforated to enhance acoustical performance and are available in custom colors.



27. Arconic Architectural Products
Reynobond ACM with Design Line Finishes
November 2017

Arconic Architectural Products’ Reynobond aluminum composite materials (ACM) with Design Line painted finishes look like natural materials including wood, mineral, stone and patina painted patterns. The three-coat coatings are sealed with polymer-based resin and inorganic pigments. They are impervious to UV exposure, extreme temperatures and saltwater. Reynobond ACM with Design Line painted finishes are available in a variety of lengths to 260 inches. They can be rollformed, shaped, bent, routed, folded, punched or cut to make architectural elements.



28. Chicago Metal Supply
Round, Corrugated Downspouts
July 2016

Chicago Metal Supply’s round, corrugated downspouts and elbows feature mechanically locked seams. They can be fabricated with one of multiple templates, and are available in 16-ounce copper and 26-gauge galvanized steel. The downspouts and elbows may be produced in 3-, 4-, 5- and 6-inch sizes.



29. DAP Products Inc.
Seal ‘n Peel Removable Weatherstrip Sealant
October 2016

DAP Products’ Seal ‘n Peel Removable Weatherstrip Sealant provides a temporary, waterproof seal to stop air leaks around windows, doors, air conditioning units, attic hatches, crawl spaces and other seasonally used areas. Its latex formulation has low odor and it’s cleaned with water. Seal ‘n Peel Removable Weatherstrip Sealant comes in 10.1-ounce cartridges and 5.5-ounce squeeze tubes that do not require caulk guns. The sealant dries clear and, when no longer needed, peels away cleanly without damaging painted surfaces or leaving an oily residue.



30. Drexel Metals Inc.
Snap Lock Profile and DMC 150SL Clip
February 2016

Drexel Metals’ 1 1/2-inch Snap Lock profile and DMC 150SL Clip creates a continuous, interlocking system that allows thermal expansion and contraction movement. The 1 1/2-inch Snap Lock profile is one of 12 profiles available that can be run as a continuous panel to 250 feet.