Roof Accessories and Snow Retention

Accessories – March 2022

Metal building accessories were featured in Metal Construction News’ March 2022.

Insulation layers meet code requirements

Butler Manufacturing’s ThermaLiner insulation system adds multiple layers of insulation and meets new energy codes with low U-factor requirements. Uncompressed blanket insulation can be added to reach R-values to R-38.7. It works with roof systems including Butlerib II, VSR II and MR-24, and can be used to create a metal liner appearance on building interiors. ThermaLiner has liner panels installed with self-drilling screws and can be installed on the Landmark 2000 or widespan structural systems.

Walkway meets OSHA requirements

Design Components Inc.’s METALWALK rooftop walkway system has a non-skid, weather-resistant grating and safety rail system. It meets OSHA fall protection requirements for rooftop handrails and is tested to a two-to-one safety factor. A professional engineer’s (PE) stamp can be provided for every state.

Roof hatch skylight avoids condensation

Fakro America LLC’s DRF roof hatch skylight has feature to avoid condensation including thermal insulation, triple-glazed, laminated glass and a thermal bridge that allows air to go through, allowing it to breath. Also, between the glazing are two plastic warm spacers to prevent condensation.

Louver is drainable

Airolite Co. LLC’s K630 extruded aluminum stationary louver is for applications requiring intake and exhaust ventilation with moderate protection against water penetration. It has a 4-inch-deep frame and 30-degree horizontal blades.

Louvers provide ventilation, protection

Metallic Products Corp.’s fixed louvers have 45-degree, rollformed blades and 55% open area. They are self-mulling, self-flashing and self-framing. Louvers come in galvanized steel or aluminum, and with removable/rewireable insect screens.

Snow guard is continuous

S-5!’s aluminum ColorGard rail-type snow guard for metal roofs has stainless steel fasteners and a strip of roof material. A snow calculator can be used to determine additional rows are required.

Deep gutters come in long lengths

Sheet Metal Supply Ltd. offers 7-inch PVDF-painted steel and aluminum gutters in lengths to 40 feet. Also, 4-inch by 5-inch downspouts come in custom lengths with integrated elbows and one-piece offsets.